clickety click

“mum…what are those things called that you put your arms in?”


“NO!…..those long things….YOU KNOW!”

“i dont really know what you mean daisy sorry……can you tell me what they look like?”

“ahhhhh!” (she’s getting really mardy now…)” they are long and click”

“errrr….clicking gloves????”

“noooooo-er (notice the ‘er’ on the end…she does that when shes had enough of me being crap…apparenlty i do it too, its an essex thing)

“they are metal!!!!” At this point shes jumping up and down and swinging her arms about in a frenzy.

…………Anyway – this went on for ages.

It turns out the answer was ‘crutches’.  someone in her class has got a broken leg apparently.


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