Christmas Cheer

My daughter Daisy is a pretty cool kid. Ive raised her in a ‘tell it how it is’ fashion and she knows whats going on in the world. However, she is a sucker for christmas and puppy dogs as you would expect from an 8 yr old. I love the fact that she goes so soppy and mushy for a fluffy ball of xmas.

So imagine how excited she was to find out the film ‘Santa Buddies’ was out! a story or christmas cheer told through cute 4 legged friends. i set about downloading it, whilst she jumps and down for an hour next to the computer in glee.

we settle down. goodies – check. drinks – check, blanket – check.

first seen…. Santa is treking across wonderland to the magic crystal that is melting due to children not believing in father christmas and the art of giving. The dog starts to narrate this.

next to me i hear “Lame. Next.”



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