The last Supper….

ok so myself and my daughter are ill in our beds.  my two and half year old son has pretty much gotten over his ear infection so is playing upstairs so i can keep my eye on him.   Pretend food is the toy of the hour.

Xavier: Mummy – i make you dinner – make you better

me: that would be excellent Xavier, thank you very much.

 —– i give him  few minutes in his room and listen to him preparing the dish—–

he comes into my room. hiding a basket of food behind his back. and puts a bowl on my lap

xavier: what you like mummy?

me: errrrrm eggs?

xavier: yes  –he puts some pretend eggs on my plate

me: vegetables?

–he puts lots of pretend veg on

me: chicken?

—-he puts a cute little full roast chicken on my plate

me:  bacon?

with that he reaches in his basket and puts in a toy figure – peppa pig.

*smart arse* 🙂



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