Tidy Standoff.

Daisy earns her pocket money by keeping her room tidy, helping with lil chores , putting the effort in with her academic work etc.  she loves earning it to be honest – it means she gets to take her weekly trek to the bank and put her earnings into her own account using her account book and thus feeling very mature. 

I gotta be honest, my daisy is a seriously good daughter the majority of the time. i rarely have to moan at her.  she’s also a great sister a good granddaughter and friend……..until she is asked to tidy her room when it isn’t convenient to her.

We recently had a 3 week room tidying standoff until eventually i told her she wouldn’t be coming out of her room until it was done.  This went on over a whole weekend. 

Eventually it was monday and obviously she had to get ready for school as usual. She washed, dressed, pack up done, teeth, hair etc.  This particular morning she was pulling her sleeves down over her hands. 

Me thinking it was a trend let it go without saying a word until we pulled up outside her school and i saw something written on her hand. a simple message to her teacher in agitated handwriting.

“help me”


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