Xavier: mum? Who’s Mississippi?


xavier:  Mum, I want to buy one of those eye cankles.

*makes a cirlce around his eye with his fingers*

Me: Do you mean a monocle?

Xavier: Yes, that.

waking up daisy part III

So i go into daisys room to wake her up at 7am as usual.

me; daisy…..time to wake up.

daisy shouting ; ahhhhh ive got pointy legs.

will the randomness ever end….


Whilst watching the Great British Bake Off…..

Daisy;  Mum do you think Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are friends with benefits?


technical wizardry

Xavier : Mum, how can I make my ipod charge more quickly?

Me: turn the light off and it will use less battery when it charges

—-It was at this point Xavier got off the chair and turned living room light out—-




Xavier: mum, I just ate a caterpillar. It tasted alright.


Xavier (6): Mum, is there any beer in the fridge?

Me: yep, there’s one still from Christmas I think… why?

Xavier: errrr….Cos im thirsty.

Me: back up brother.